In 2021, elections are everywhere in Washington state
Crosscut, Donna Gordon BlankinshipJune 1, 2021

A reader asked a great question this week that really helps explain why Crosscut is making more of an effort this year to involve the community in our election coverage.
Colleen wanted to know if the August primary election is only for Seattle, or are there races all over the region? I loved this question for two reasons. First, it was a good reminder that we have readers from all over Washington (only about half of Crosscut readers live in the Seattle area). Second, her curiosity about local elections shows she understands how important these races can be.

While most of us tend to pay a lot more attention to presidential elections, the voter decisions that have a greater potential for changing our lives happen every year in our own communities. For example, Poulsbo voters will be choosing a mayor and three city council members this year. They’ll also be voting for school board members, fire commissioners, port commissioners and people to represent them on the parks commission.

Washington state went all in on expanding public broadband this year. So much so, that the Legislature passed two different bills aimed at extending high-speed internet to people in rural areas.

It’s possible, however, that two bills aren’t better than one. And they may partly cancel each other out.
Now that Gov. Jay Inslee has signed both measures into law, confusion is mounting about whether the two laws can co-exist.

And that debate may end up in court.

Both House Bill 1336 and Senate Bill 5383 give public utility districts and ports new authority to offer broadband internet. The idea behind both bills is to have those public entities offer broadband in remote areas where private companies don’t operate because it’s not cost effective.